After three years on the island, my clothes are already very old. I start to use the skins of the animals. I make a cap and other clothes from the skins.

I also need an umbrella. I try to make an umbrella from the skins too. It is difficult at the beginning. It takes some time. But I am successful in the end.

After three years, I am quite happy. I have everything what I need for my life.

My life on the island continues for the next 5 years. During this time, I decide to make another canoe. The canoe is smaller. It isn’t difficult to move it to the beach.

The canoe is finished in June. I want to travel around the island in the canoe. I put food, water and guns in the canoe. I am ready for the trip.

The beginning of my trip isn’t easy for me. I am in danger when my journey starts. I have to go around some rocks in the sea.

When I want to go back to the land, I feel a strong current under the canoe. The current is taking me away from the island. The situation is horrible. I am scared. I can’t survive in the open sea. I don’t have enough food and water for a long journey.

I fight very hard against the current for two hours. Then, I am able to get close to my island. I can continue my trip around the island. Now, I know that I am stronger than the currents around the island. I feel good. I feel strong.

Soon, I find a small river. I go up the river. But I get nowhere because soon the river is very narrow. Stones block the way. I can’t continue. I leave the canoe where it is.

I want to explore this part of the island. I am not far from the part of the island which I know. Soon, I find the way to my house in the valley.

I am very tired from the trip. Soon, I sleep.

Then, I hear a voice. I wake up. The voice is saying my name, “Robinson, where are you? Robinson, where are you?”

First, I am scared. But then I see my parrot Poll. He sits on top of the fence. He knows these words from me. And he is saying these words with the same intonation as me.

I am surprised when I see him here. I think, “Why isn’t he at home?” But I am happy when I see him.

I don’t go back to the canoe. I return home with the parrot.

I don’t make such a trip for a year. I stay in my house most of the time. I make more tools and pots. I can also make very nice baskets now.