When I come to the mark of the foot, I see that the mark is much bigger than my foot. It’s impossible that it’s my foot.

I’m scared again. I start to panic. I want to destroy my corn fields. I want to destroy my valley house. I need to hide my activity on the island.

I’m so afraid that I can’t sleep the whole night. Finally I sleep a little in the morning.

My head is clear when I wake up. Now, it isn’t so strange that people live on the islands around. I think, “Maybe this is their first visit here. Maybe this island is not interesting for them. Maybe it’s also their last visit here.”

I feel better after these thoughts. But I want to do something for my protection if the people come again.

During the following month, I make another fence around my house. I make holes in the fence. Through these holes, I can easily shoot from guns if I’m attacked.

Now, I have a house which is very well protected. Nobody can come easily near me.

I also worry about my goats. I divide the goats in two groups. I built a smaller fence in another part of the island. I put one group of the goats there. It takes me a lot of time, but my animals are safe.

After sixteen years on the island, something very sad happens. My dog dies. I cry for three days. It’s my worst day on the island.

Fortunately, I have my goats. I go to them and I tell them how sad I am. They don’t understand my words but I feel that they understand me. They feel my emotions. They are unusually calm and quiet.

It’s now two years after the foot in the sand on the beach. One day, when I’m walking on the beach, I think that I see a canoe far in the sea. I’m not sure, so I continue to walk.

Then I see a thing which shocks me. The beach is full of parts of human bodies. Heads, hands, feet, fingers and teeth are everywhere. There is a black place after a fire.

I’m angry but also scared. I can’t look at this horrible scene for a long time. I have a horrible feeling in my stomach. I go back home and I think about what to do.

Now, I can’t go out to sea with my canoe. I have no chance against a group of cannibals in the open sea. I also can’t use guns because the sound of a gun is very loud. But I always have guns with me for protection.

I think that maybe in the future, I can kill some cannibals. And I can save their prisoners.

I look for a place near the beach where I can hide and prepare for the attack.

Then I change my opinion. I think that it’s not good to fight the cannibals.

I don’t know these people. They don’t attack me. Maybe, it isn’t good to attack them.

Finally, I stop the preparations for the attack. I decide to attack them only if they attack me first.