The next day in the morning, I see the ship. The ship stops very far from the beach. The ship looks empty. I don’t understand it. I expect the people from the ship. I really want to speak with somebody. I miss communication with real people very much.

I take my canoe. I go to the ship. I want to see if somebody is alive. The ship looks Spanish. The ship is completely destroyed. When I’m close to the ship, I see a dog. He is very happy when he sees me. I give him bread and I give him water. He is hungry and very thirsty.

I find nobody on the ship. “Where are the men from the ship?” I think. It’s very strange. I don’t have an answer to this question. It’s a mystery.

There are many boxes with different things on the ship. Some boxes are small, some boxes are big. I find bottles with alcohol in some big boxes. But these boxes are too heavy. I can’t take them on the canoe.

I find guns and gunpowder. I take them to the canoe. I also find some other useful things.

I return to the island in the evening with some small boxes on my canoe. I have some new shirts and also gold, silver and a lot of gunpowder.

The gunpowder is important for me. On the island, gunpowder is more useful than money or gold.

There is something else what I need very much. I need shoes. I find two pairs of shoes on board the ship. I take them with me. I put all my new things in the cave.

I make five trips to the ship. I take everything useful for me. Then I hide the canoe. Everything goes back to normal.

Time goes quickly. I often think about the men from the ship and the cannibals on the beach.

One night in March I have an interesting dream. In the dream, I see 2 canoes with cannibals who come to the beach. One of their prisoners runs away. He comes to my house. I save him. Then he becomes my friend. He helps me go through the dangerous waters around the island.

I wake up, but the dream stays in my mind. I believe that if somebody helps me, it’s possible to get away from the island. Maybe I can save one of the prisoners of the cannibals.

I decide to watch the beach more. I go every day around the beach for the next two years. I hope to see the canoes.

My wish becomes reality one afternoon. I see 5 canoes with more than thirty men on the beach. I can’t attack so many men. I have to wait. I watch them with my telescope.

The visitors make a fire. They dance around the fire. I also see two other men. They are tied. They are prisoners.

After some time, the cannibals take one tied men to the fire. They kill the man. The cannibals paint their bodies with his blood. It’s like a theatre. But this isn’t a theatre. It’s real. It’s horrible. But I can do nothing. There are too many cannibals.

The second man is waiting on the side. When the cannibals don’t look, the second man jumps up. And he starts to run away. He is running in my direction. I run to the beach and I hide behind a tree.

I see that only two cannibals run after him. This is the right moment to save the prisoner.

The man runs fast but the cannibals are faster. They are closer and closer to him.

I prepare two guns and I’m waiting behind the tree.