I tell Friday my story. I describe England and Europe to him.

I tell him about our cities, schools, ships and travelling around the world. I tell him that education is important in Europe and that we study from books. It’s all new to him. Friday’s people don’t need schools on the islands. They have all what they need for their life.

When I feel that I can trust him enough, I show him how gunpowder works. I teach him how to use a gun. I give him a knife and a belt. He is happy with my presents.

He says that it’s not the first time when he sees such a knife. He says that some white men live with them on their island. He counts seventeen Europeans.

I think that these men can be the sailors from the Spanish ship.

Friday tells me that they are OK. I’m happy when I hear that some Europeans live not very far from my island. I start to plan how to meet them.

The next day, we go on a small trip around the island. First, we go to the cross where I want to mark another day. “What is it?” asks Friday when we come to the cross. I explain that we have seven days in a week. These days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When Friday hears the word Friday, he laughs. I explain to him why his name is Friday. Now, he fully understands the meaning of his name.

During the walk, Friday tells me, “If we build a canoe, we can go to my island.”

I take Friday to the other side of the island. I show him my canoe there. But he says, “This canoe is too small for two people. We have to make a bigger canoe.”

So, we start to make a bigger canoe. We have to cut a big tree and I show him how to cut the inside of the tree.

It takes us a month to make the canoe. And it takes us two days to move the canoe to the beach. The canoe is ready and we are ready too.

The day before we want to go, Friday goes to the beach. He comes back very quickly. He looks very scared. He says that there are three canoes on the beach.

He is scared because he thinks that the cannibals are here because they want to find him.

I tell him, “Don’t worry. We are strong. And maybe they don’t come for you today. Let’s wait and watch.”

We take 15 guns. We go on top of a hill. We see 14 cannibals, 2 prisoners and 3 canoes on the beach. They stop close to the place where the forest is near the beach. It’s good because it’s easier to attack them and save the prisoners.

We go to them quietly through the forest. I think about my right to kill them. I have no reason to shoot so many people who do nothing wrong to me.

After some thinking I decide only to watch and attack them only if it’s necessary.