We continue to watch all the actions of both groups. The five men in the forest sit down under a tree. They discuss what to do. They argue a little.

After a long conversation under the tree, they get up. Then they walk to the beach. Maybe they don’t want to look for friends.

We have to do something quickly. We can’t let them go back to the boat.

I have a plan. I tell the assistant to go more to the centre of the island. Friday goes with him. Then, they shout at the sailors. When the sailors hear this, they shout back. Then they go in the direction of the voice.

Friday and the assistant continue to shout back. They take the sailors to the opposite side of the island. This strategy works very well. The five men are soon very far from the beach.

This is very good for us. We go to the three men in the boat. We explain the situation to them. They decide not to fight us. They become our prisoners too.

After some time, Friday and the assistant return. The sailors are very far from the beach. The sailors can’t return soon. We hide and we wait for them.

When the sailors return, they are very tired. First, they go to the boat. They are surprised when they don’t find the three men.

They call their friends. But nobody answers. The leader and two other men walk to the forest where we are hiding.

The captain and Friday attack them when they are close to us. The leader is killed immediately. The second man is injured. The third man runs back to the boat.

Then we all go out of the forest. We run to the boat. The captain speaks to sailors. He tells them to give up. When the sailors understand the situation, they drop their weapons quickly.

We decide to tie the prisoners. But we don’t tie all of them. The captain trusts three of the men. We don’t tie these three men.

Now, we are ten men. We start to plan how to get the ship. After some discussion we know what to do.

Friday and I stay on the island. We have to watch the prisoners.

The captain, his assistant and the passenger take the clothes of some of the prisoners. They want to look like them. Then the captain and his sailors take the boat. They go to the ship.

When they are near the ship, they speak to the men on the ship. They tell them that it isn’t possible to find the other men.

When all of the men from the boat are on the ship, the captain shows his face and the attack begins.

Some sailors are injured in the battle. Only one person is killed. It’s the second leader of the rebellion.

When the captain has his ship again, we hear seven shots. It’s the signal that the ship is in captain’s hands again. I’m happy when I hear the shots.

Soon the captain goes back to the island. He tells me that the ship is now under my control.

I’m so happy. I start to cry. I cry so much that I can’t speak.

After 10 minutes, I’m able to speak again. I speak to the captain. I tell him how happy I am. 

The captain tells his men to bring a lot of food from the ship.

We eat good food. We celebrate our victory and my departure from the island.

We drink expensive wine. We eat pork, beef and vegetable. We eat biscuits for dessert. I’m very happy when I eat this food again.

The captain gives me new clothes. I have new clothes after a long time. The clothes are very light. They are a little uncomfortable first. But it’s soon OK.

When the party is finished, we discuss what to do with the five prisoners who the captain doesn’t trust. The men are really horrible. The captain doesn’t want to take them on board the ship as prisoners. It’s too dangerous.

I tell the captain to discuss it with the prisoners. Maybe they want to stay on the island. It’s better for them because their rebellion means death in England. We go to them and we explain the situation. They have to choose between a death in England and a life on the island. I think that it’s fair to let them decide. They decide to stay on the island.

We put them in the cave. The cave is now the prison. I tell them to wait for more orders.