One of my dreams was really crazy. I was in a pub which was on my island. I wanted to drink some rum, but the waitress was extremely lazy. She sat at the bar and she did nothing. I didn’t like her attitude. I was angry but I waited. Then my wife came to the pub. She gave me a piece of paper with some text. It was a message from her father. He wrote, “Come home. You should work on the plantations.”

But I didn’t want to go home. I went to the kitchen in the pub. There was my mother in the kitchen who was preparing some steaks and she was also cooking soup. I tasted the soup which was fantastic. Then two Englishmen came to the pub. They wanted to sell me gunpowder. One man looked like a gentleman, but the second man was horrible.

I told the horrible man, “I am sorry, I don’t need your gunpowder. I have a lot of gunpowder in my camp.”

“What did you say?” said the horrible man. “Our gunpowder isn’t good for you? This is the main reason why we are here. We’ve travelled from London. You have to buy our gunpowder.”

I said, “Thank you, I don’t want your gunpowder.”

The man was really angry. Our conversation was getting worse and worse. He said some horrible things about me. I said some horrible things about him.

The conversation got to a point when he wanted to kill me. When he took his gun, I started to run away. He shot at me. At that moment, I woke up.

One week later, I felt better but I still needed to relax. I needed to sleep a lot.

In August, I was OK again. I still felt a little weak though. I knew I needed to do some physical exercise. The next ten days I walked around the island. This exercise made me feel better.

When I felt strong again, I decided to explore the whole island. I found a new valley where I saw some tobacco plants among other unknown ones.  The next day I found melons and grapes. I dried the grapes and I had raisins.

There were also apple, orange and lemon trees on the island which I didn’t notice before.

I made a pile of the fruits that I gathered and I returned to my cave to get a bag for them. When I returned I found the fruits destroyed. Some were eaten, some were stepped upon. I concluded from this that there are some wild animals around.

Still, I liked that fruit valley and I began thinking about moving there. Then I remembered that the beach was far away from that valley and I wouldn’t see if any ship passed by.