Instead of moving to the fruit valley, I decided to build another house there, which I would visit from time to time.

I made a small house, and then I surrounded it with a double fence. The house was protected like a castle.

Again, I used a ladder to go in and out. But I had also stairs on the inside of the fence. I used stairs on the inside and I used ladder on the outside.

This activity took me the whole of August and the beginning of September. But I enjoyed it a lot.

The fruit valley gave me so much energy. I felt so healthy and strong there.

Sometimes when I was in the valley at night, I watched the moon and the stars. I thought about my wife. I thought about my family in England. I knew they could see the same moon, they could see the same stars but we couldn’t be together. I thought about my family very often. I wished the best for them.

I also thought about all the people who could see the moon. I imagined the places where they lived. I felt connected with them. Sometimes I felt connected with the whole universe.

I also thought about God. I had questions for God. I asked him, “Why am I on this island? What is the reason for it? Why am I still alive when my friends are dead?”

I didn’t have answers to many of these questions but I trusted God. I believed he knew what he was doing.

Then the rainy season started which continued until the middle of October.

This was my first year on the island.

After the rains ended, I returned to my valley house to find the branches in the fence all green, with new leaves growing all over them. This wasn’t only beautiful but also useful to me because soon my house was covered entirely and was hardly visible. The leaves kept shadow over it and it was very pleasant to stay in there during the dry season. I liked it so much that I decided to make a fence from the same branches around my first house as well.

With the end of the rainy season, I thought it was the right time to put my seeds in to the ground. I was cautious so I only used a half of the seeds. This was a good idea because none of these seeds came up.

I put the rest of the seeds in the ground just before the next rainy season and they came up alright. Now, I had a little farm on the island.

This experience made me notice that there were two rainy and two dry seasons on the island. With this in mind, I could now plan when to put seeds into the ground.